Monthly Expenses


Per month

Currently flat-sharing with a family-friend to cut costs. Rent in East Village, Calgary isn’t too bad. Having lived in London and Lagos (two big cities), I feel the need to always be near transit, hence the location.

  • Rent: $675 (my half)
  • Renter’s Insurance: $12.50 (my half)


Per month

This includes toiletries, and the occasional DoorDash or Skip the Dishes. Stopped dining out for now.

  • Groceries: $150
  • Take out: $40

I sometimes overshoot this budget by $20 – $40, unfortunately.


Per month

My employer provides insurance, but as a term/contract employee, I feel it’s best to have this because I’ve had a contract not renewed and paying the full price for stuff sucks.

  • Alberta Blue Cross


Per month

They registered the apartment with ENMAX and $35 is the most I’ve paid (my half). Moved off of Shaw’s internet and cable bundle to a cheaper Telus Internet though I must say Shaw’s internet is faster. 

  • ENMAX: $35 (max)
  • Shaw Internet & Cable: $52.50 Telus: $28.50
  • Public Mobile: $30


Per month

The goal is to invest. It could be $500 or $1000, but I try to put aside as much as I can. I’m ruthless about this, as moving to a new country sometimes means you have to play catch-up. First, I meet my Emergency Fund target, then the TFSA and then RRSP. 


Per month

The goal is to give about 10% to church or charity. I’m grateful that I’m able to put food on the table, many aren’t to. It’s my way of saying ‘thank you’.


Per month

Right now, with almost everyone working from home, I’m spending about $70 a month. I still keep this budget though and put whatever’s left over into Travel or Miscellaneous. 

  • Transit tickets: $35
  • Uber: $35


Per month

Here’s where I lump medication costs (I don’t buy them regularly), costs for maintaining my blog, tickets and savings for things on my wishlist.


Per month

This is how much I put aside for travel to see family or friends. I put this in a High Interest Savings Account so it grows some interest while sitting in the account.