Investment Tools

These are some investment tools I use or plan to use on my journey to financial independence. They include done-for-you investments, to platforms were you can trade on your own.

Blue Host

This is the hosting recommendation if you’re just starting out. I started using HostGator but wasn’t satisfied with the service as my blog was offline many times. I moved to SiteGround, which is fantastic but expensive. Blue Host is the best of both worlds – fast and affordable. Host your website with BlueHost here.

Wealthsimple trade Canada review

Wealth Simple Trade

This is the broker I use for all my Canadian stock because you can trade them with no commission fees, like zero ‘0’ fees. It’s expensive to trade US stock here because they charge a currency exchange fee twice and you can do nothing about it. Trade your Canadian stocks on Wealthsimple Trade.

Wealthsimple Roboadvisor

WealthSimple Robo-Advisors

Wealthsimple Robo-advisor is as hands free as you can get. You get your first $10,000 managed for free and you can also adjust your risk tolerance all the way from ‘conservative’ to ‘aggressive’. Read my Wealthsimple review here and sign up for Wealthsimple Robo-advisor here and get $10,000 managed for free.

Questrade Canada

Questrade is the platform I use to trade US stocks. It’s cheaper than Wealthsimple. The app needs improvement however. I planned on using Interactive Brokers, but the learning curve was huge. Read my Questrade Canada review here. Sign up for Questrade Canda here.

EQ Bank High Interest Account Canada

EQ Bank: High Interest Savings Account in Canada

This is where I keep my emergency funds. The funds are immediately accessible through Interac transfer and It earns a much better interest here than my Tangerine Bank. I use Tangerine for my daily expenses as I don’t pay fees on the account. Sign up for EQ Bank here.

NDAX Crypto Exhange

NDAX.IO Canada

This exchange is where I started buying cryptocurrency in Canada. The primary reason I use them is because you can set a price target for what you’re willing to pay for the cryptocurrency you want. If it fills up, good for you, because you saved some hard earned money. Many exchanges don’t offer that. Buy your cryptocurrencies with here.

I don’t buy my cryptocurrencies here but I earn interest in them on this exchange. Depending on the cryptocurrency you ‘stake’, you can earn between 1%-4%. Sign up to here and get $25 in CRO.


This app is an upgrade to It monitors all your expenses, every investment you make and your returns and possibly, if you have to pay capital gains. They have a paid version but the free version will serve you just as well. Sign up to Wealthica for free here.

Mint Budget App Canada

This is still my go-to budget app. It’s not as detailed as Wealthica but it’s simpler to use and updates pretty quickly. It tracks your Robo-advisor account summary but not your trades. Sign up to for free here.

Create Studio Canada


CreateStudio is the animation software I use for most of my videos. There’s a learning curve, but it’s worth it. It takes a while to upload your videos because of the quality and size of the animation videos. Purchase the lifetime deal for CreateStudio software here. Or purchase the yearly subscription for CreateStudio here

Tubics to increase YouTube traffic


Tubics is the software I use to find out what YouTube video to create for my audience based on what they’re searching for. Tubics deals with the basics, no fluff. Subscribe to Tubics software here.


I used TubeBuddy for a year, and it was a great experience. The service, depending on the subscription you purchase, is quite detailed and gives you a load of information on your audience. Truthfully, you may never use some of the information. Also, it’s pricier than Tubics and that’s why I ended my subscription.

Send Fox email app review

SendFox Email Marketing Software

This is the email marketing software I use to send you all those lovely weekly/monthly emails.It’s pretty easy to use and is about the cheapest email marketing software on the market for the amount of work it does. Subscribe to SendFox here.

Top 10 Books to Read

Here are some books I’ve read that have helped me change my mindset and given me some valuable nuggets of wisdom.

The Rules of Wealth

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